Mark Jarzombek

Mark Jarzombek

Nov 23 132. Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age with Mark Jarzombek

Nov 23 132. Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age with Mark Jarzombek

This week, we are joined again by Mark Jarzombek to discuss the data society on contemporary architecture, as well as his book Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age.

Timestamp Outline 

1:30    Introduction: Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age by Mark Jarzombek
What is the post-ontological age? Are we in it right now?
Invisible participation of the digital and algorithms in our human existence

5:48    Human and (in)human: Where is the (in)human? Where is the digital data?
”The mind is one thing, the body is another, and these things are in tension and our ontologies were split” MJ

8:28 “The post-ontology likes the non-normative because data works by finding things that are unusual” MJ
Discussion about the un-normativity

9:47    Stockholm syndrome and the hallucinogenic relationship

10:32 “How is the exercise of the self and psychological penetration of the self different from the digital age?” VP
We are constantly being identified and data is constantly being collected about us

14:18 Data capitalism: we don’t know what it is, but we love it and we buy into it.
“Data capitalism is….a product of national onto-management” MJ
Data defense

19:55    Data wars and post-ontological warfare: it’s already happening, and we don’t see it

21: 14 Passage reading from MJ: Introduction to Chapter 7 – The Onto-Social

22:54 How do we identify ourselves as humans when we’re constantly communicating with technology and the inanimate?
Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto

25:23 “Is there any residual onto-human conversation in the conversation we’re having right now?” VP

27:05 “Data ontology wants the human to be more human” MJ
But what if we insert fake data, fake narratives, and fake identities? Fake news?

31:01 The post-ontology embraces the slipping of vigilance and paranoia
Jaques Derrida

34:38 Post-ontology offers the escape and the resistance from the digital Stockholm syndrome in the data algorithmic world

36:51 The thermo-dynamic project – MJ

39:16 “Data = Data + Data” MJ

41:22 Why is the erotic body a potential excess, not access? Why do we keep participating?

43:45 What about architecture?
The Smart House Movie

46:58 What is the de-ontological project? The de-post-ontology?


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